Kitchen Cures provides a range of culinary medicine workshops, online courses and helpful recipes for healthcare professionals. Kitchen Cures is managed by Giselle Brand an accredited practicing dietitian and food scientist. Since completing her Master of Nutrition and Dietetics degree at the University of Sydney in 1995, Giselle has spent over 15 years in the food industry and has had more than 12 years of clinical experience in the practice of culinary or nutritional medicine. Giselle has created many programs for healthcare professionals and these programs range from weight management courses for practise managers and doctors to aged care nutrition courses specially designed for aged care registered nurses, carers and chefs..

Giselle has trained many carers and nurses from large organisations like Blue Care, Uniting Care, Wesley Mission, The Salvation Army and Catholic Healthcare. She is deeply passionate about creating a healthier world through the science of weight management and the science of ultra-longevity. Giselle is committed that patients or residents understand that there are common sense natural solutions to health problems.  It is possible to reduce reliance on prescription medicine by using nutritional medicine or culinary medicine and exercise as adjuncts to mainstream medicine to manage chronic health conditions. Some of the more popular seminars led by Giselle include programs on how to manage diabetes, food intolerances/allergies, dry mouth, reflux management, dysphagia management, sarcopaenia prevention, etc. These courses are endorsed by the Australian Medical Association and the Royal College of Nursing Australia. Over 2,000 nurses have been trained by Giselle in various aspects of nutritional medicine specifically in the aged care setting. To date, over 800 written feedbacks have been gathered from those training programs and some of them have been published below for your reference.

Currently, Giselle practices in Sydney’s Lower North Shore.  She used to travel from Cairns to Tasmania to conduct her seminars for nurses drawing on her wealth of knowledge gathered from her 3 degrees in nutritional sciences and many years’ working experience in the commercial food industry and healthcare industry respectively. In 2012, she also presented at the World Conference for Nutrition and Dietetics on diabetes management. Championing the cause of creating a healthier world through sound evidence-based nutritional medicine is something Giselle has been deeply passionate about. In particular, transforming the health of health professionals and their patients is something that resonates with the heart of what she does. Come and join her on this exciting journey of discovery, transform your health and live your best life using Food as Medicine.