Food as Medicine

Learn innovative ways to cook, present and eat healthy with sound evidence-based knowledge on food as medicine. Let us inspire you to transform your health so you could enjoy a level of vitality you never knew possible since you were a child. Cooking has never been so easy and meals so delicious, everyone can enjoy them.

You will learn…

  • Fresh but simple ideas to get you back playing full out in your own kitchen; you will find yourself looking forward to creating your next meal; with so many exciting ideas to draw from, you will never experience taste fatigue ever again.
  • Useful tips and tricks to save time and money, you will also become so creative you will be able to put together innovative delectable meals in a flash with whatever you have in your refrigerator and pantry.  Flaunt your new-found skills and impress your friends and family.
  • How to use seasonal, minimally processed foods.  This ensures you buy the freshest and cheapest foods every season. 
  • How to use food as medicine and heal yourself from within.  If you have a chronic health condition and want to reduce the number of prescription drugs you are on, food as medicine can act a powerful adjuncts to mainstream medical practices to accelerate your healing/rejuvenation.
  • About the drugs you are on, their limitations, side effects and how to reduce your reliance on them.

All workshops are conducted by Giselle Brand and her team of Accredited Dietitians. 

If you are interested in receiving:

  1. professional nutritional advice
  2. creating your own personalised weekly dietary plan
  3. personalised shopping list
  4. an unforgettable culinary adventure 

come and sign up for a cooking class.  We are certain  you will learn so much and have so much fun, you will tell all your friends about it.

You can also download our  Kitchen Cures Brochure